Questions about drop shipping [Newbie, but very resourceful]

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3 Jan 15 10:12:15 pm

Decided to join the community and see if I can get started with drop shipping. Short info about me: online marketing entrepreneur with technical background and experience in SEO/PPC located in Finland.

My questions might seem very dump, but I would really appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction (I did read drop shipping guide and did some serious Googling).

If I decide to start I will start proper which means I am not afraid to build a whole commerce platform just so that it would work as I want it to. Of cause if there is already a platform that does following:

- Allows me to have many drop ship suppliers
- Automatically syncs products
- Multilingual
- Sends order and updates order status from drop ship supplier

Is there such a platform? Only thing I saw was Link hidden: Login to view by BigBuy. Now onto more general questions:

- How do you guys handle returns? (in Finland we have to provide customer with right to return product within 14 days).
- Is there a system/way so that orders are automatically send to drop ship supplier and status is updated (when they send client sees it etc)
- SEO hates duplicate content and thus it's hard to imagine ranking well with product images and descriptions. How did others manage this issue?
- Is there a way/marketplace to outsource customer support too?

My idea is to build drop shipping business with focus on crazy easy to use platform, loyalty system and huge amount of content.

Your help is much appreciated, thank you!

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5 Jan 15 12:57:59 am
Hi Artem and welcome to the forum,

I'm afraid I can't help with information regarding a selling platofrm for you, hopefully others may be able to advise much better than me on that one.

Regarding returns, that is something that would have to be worked out with the actual suppliers you are dealing with, each will have their own return policies.


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