Reseller ID? Tax ID? (Canada)

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2 May 13 06:29:57 pm
I'm wondering if I would need a reseller ID or tax ID if I want to start an online store that uses dropshipping? I live in Canada and from what I've researched, BC has no regulation about reseller IDs and tax IDs.


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3 May 13 03:48:46 am
Hello again hen_nie03,

You will need a tax I D if you will be collecting taxes from your sales/customers. Plus having a tax ID also gives you access to more suppliers.

You might find this helpful -

Hi Max_Plus,

I'm no tax expert :) But I will try my best to answer your questions based on what I read from Link hidden: Login to view and Link hidden: Login to view -

(1)Am I required to collect taxes from anyone?

Yes, you are required to collect taxes so long as you are a registered business and have a GST(Good and Services tax) or an HST (Harmonized Sales Tax - combination of GST and PST or Provincial Sales Tax; HST applies if you are living in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Ontario and B.C.)

(2) Can I sell to Canadians and not collect taxes on Canadian sales?
(Note* I am Canadian)

Being a Canadian, by law you are required to collect taxes, although the rates may differ depending on your current location and that of your customers.

(3)Do I have to get a Tax ID?

For you to collect taxes, you should. Also, if you have registered for a GST you'll be able to recover some of the GST you paid out on business purchases back through Input Tax Credits.

(4)Does it matter where I drop ship from?

If you are concerned about border taxes/fees, yes it matters. No matter where you bought the products and in what currency, the value of the goods must be converted into Canadian dollars to determine the duties payable. Please note that some goods will also have other charges or taxes applied.

(5) Should I just put on my web site that the customer is responsible for paying any import duties? And Does that exempt me from collecting taxes?

Ideally you should and the situation should exempt you from collecting any tax since your customer will be paying it especially for dropshipped items, but here's what I read from Link hidden: Login to view

How do I make sure the end customer isn’t charged the Canadian sales taxes (GST for Canada, PST for BC) twice, while still allowing the company to ship to them directly?

The answer is: you can’t. Not legally, anyway. By law, if I sell something to someone who lives in Canada, I have to collect the GST (and PST if they live in BC). When the item comes across the border into Canada, if it’s shipped directly to the customer, they have to pay it again. Legally I can’t not collect it on the grounds that they will pay it, and legally they can’t not pay it on the grounds that I already collected it from them. I could engage a customs broker to do this, but they’re far too expensive for me to contemplate at this stage. The only legal way for the customer to avoid paying the taxes twice is if I have the item shipped to me, and then I ship it on to them. Which increases the cost of shipping, increases the delivery time, and negates much of the point of drop shipping.

For more tips and professional guidance, it would be best that you seek advice from a local accountant or a customs broker perhaps.

Hope this helps.



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