Selling on Ebay Australia via Dropshipping

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13 Nov 16 12:57:01 am

I am a new member and still researching on the ins and outs of dropshipping. I am based In Australia and since I plan to sell in Ebay Aus, do you think it's a good idea to find a dropshipper based in Australia as most customers will be based in Aus and that would cost me less in shipping fees?

Or should it not matter at all?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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13 Nov 16 01:16:28 am
Hi Edna and welcome to the forum,

I think it's important to save where ever you can in this game, on shipping price, as well as on shipping times. So an Australian supplier for an Australian market would always be the first preference to do that. However, it's not always that straight forward in this business. It's just a fact that most dropshippers are located in areas like the US and China, you will find some in Australia, but it depends on what products you are looking to sell in regards to if you can find a locally based supplier.

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15 Nov 16 11:02:08 am
Yep im in the same boat as you as i live in New Zealand its gonna be alot harder for us :( i dont think thee are many dropshippers in nz and aus.

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21 Nov 16 12:43:48 am
Hi Edna,

Great to have you on-board and welcome :)

I would say that the most ideal for your set-up would be finding a supplier in Australia as in Dropshipping - the faster the goods will be received by your buyer, the better! While finding a local supplier would actually mean lower costs, it might be a challenge to find a dropshipper in Australia for particular products. In case, an Australian dropshipper is unlikely to be a favorable supplier, I would suggest to do either:

1. Find a dropshipper in the neighboring continents such as Asia so, shipping time would not be a question. In the Link hidden: Login to view, 75% of the suppliers actually ship worldwide including Australia and most of the best deals come from Asia specifically China. They offer almost all types of products and usually has an established system for dropshipping.

2. Negotiate with Australian suppliers(preferably wholesalers) if they can dropship for you. Dropshipping is not as popular in Australia compared to the other countries however, that does not mean that these suppliers are not open to that set-up. You can establish a relationship with a local supplier and try to negotiate with them if they are keen to dropship for you.

Tip: You can start building trust and relationship with the supplier by doing sample orders just so you can gain their trust that you want to move forward with your business with them. This way, it might be easier to negotiate with them.

Hope this helps! :)


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