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30 Jul 13 04:28:00 pm
Hey guys,

I hope everyone is okay.

So I have a bit of a problem. I ordered a phone from (Hong Kong) and it was sent via fed ex to my country of Trinidad and Tobago.

However, when they delivered it..taxes and duties cost me as much as I paid for the phone.

What is the best way to handle these shipping problem if I would like to purchase more electronics to my country ?

Thanks so much,

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30 Jul 13 06:24:34 pm
With import duties, it's always going to depend on the specific country involved. I'd check with the customs office and find out about ways to get import costs down via quantity ordering, whether there is some special licence for importers and other commercial shippers, etc. Most island nations are almost entirely dependent upon imports to support their way of life, so many actually have numerous incentives available in the way of tax breaks. Come to think of it, if you research the matter you may find your niche right there in the form of some sector of goods that seems to get preferential treatment from a tax standpoint -- this would indicate that it's a good that is in high demand and short supply, to the extent that the government is taking steps to encourage people to import it and shippers abroad to send it.


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31 Jul 13 11:37:51 am
Thanks Frank,

What about shipping via a skybox ? When people from my country buy products on amazon and ship it via their skybox it apparently does not cost much.

Would that be a feasable idea to try and cut down cost ?

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1 Aug 13 01:11:25 am
Hello undertaker,

I'm not sure you can use SkyBox for your Uniqbe purchases since they are based in Hong Kong. From what I understood reading through the info available from/about SkyBox, it applies to purchases made in the US. You shop in the US and they give you a US address where your goods will initially be delivered and they will ship all of it to you in your home country. So in a way they are like

You might find this guide helpful - Link hidden: Login to view

All the best!


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