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7 Nov 16 04:42:33 pm

I applied on Friday to be a reseller with XSDepot using their online application form.

Today I received an email requesting additional information to verify my business. They ask for my company's e-commerce storefront link.

I explained in the application form that I intended to resell their products on They may be under the impression I'm a professional seller. I'm an individual seller without a storefront, as yet, and until I find some profitable items to sell by checking out the product catalogs I probably won't have a storefront.

I'd appreciate your advice on this topic

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7 Nov 16 06:10:02 pm
Hi Jose,

All you can do is clarify that with the supplier, they may accept that or it may be their policy not to supply to Amazon or eBay sellers. They will certianly be able to clarify that policy for you.


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22 Nov 16 02:01:27 am
Hi Jose,

They are a popular supplier that offers dropshipping and they ONLY cater to resellers so they usually would want to verify your details as a reseller before they can give you access on their site. Since they do dropshipping, they do not restrict resellers on their chosen e-Commerce platform. What you need to do here is to contact them by phone directly and explain to them your situation since you still have no website put up or any information available online for them to verify. This usually works for new businesses applying as a reseller.

All the best!


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