Struggling to find decent suppliers

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29 Jul 15 02:28:40 pm
Hi there

I have just started with Salehoo I'm a UK dropshipper (need to search fast, find something particular, and be able to process the order simply and without hastle). I have to say honestly, I'm not impressed with Salehoo on several levels.

[*] I search for a specific category in the wholesale directory (say, beauty) and all I get is the same randomness that I would if I had entered nothing and hit go.
[*] Most of your dropshippers listed require registration before you can even see the catalogue. Very inconvenient and sluggish is you browse fast.
[*] Most of the sites look unprofessional and 2 bit, like a bric-a-brac shop.

Probably my skills on this site are very low as I am new user so please you any ideas about what I am doing wrong here, point me in the right direction. I need to be able to by quickly by simple old school sign up and log in. Pay by card or paypal, probably one item at a time. The rest I can figure out and vet for myself. I don't want to be a pain but at present I am spending a lot of time on this site with no produce. I'm on the verge of closing my account and requesting a refund.

The sort of things I'm looking for are:
Furniture (beauty salon and home)
Ornaments and sculptures (Home and garden Outdoor)
Tents, gazebos, structures (Outdoor)

I appreciate your time in advance, thanks, and I look forward to your reply


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29 Jul 15 06:26:43 pm
I am having the same problem.I am looking for decent suppliers and am searching constantly but am unable to find good ones for sropshipping.Can anone help please.

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2 Aug 15 08:24:09 pm
I have same problem too. No one here?

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2 Aug 15 08:35:46 pm
If anyone is finding it difficult locating specific suppliers, you are able to contact support Link hidden: Login to view with your request and they will do their best to source for you, both within and possibly outside of our verified directory if we do not have a verified supplier to suit.

It's also helpful if you tell us what products you are looking for, just putting dropshipper doesn't assist us in narrowing down possibly options for you.

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4 Aug 15 05:51:22 am

Establishing and maintaining a relationship with a drop ship company can be difficult and full of hassles as many drop ship companies are trying, like you, to not take possession of the products they show online. Simply, they find suppliers and copy/paste the suppliers products to their own website and hope to make sales and work the vig. In my experience, this rarely evolves into something substantial and profitable.

To get ramped up and selling, I believe it's important to find true product distributors (those who carry inventory) with a very select line of products and stick to those products only until you are successful at selling them before adding additional lines or segments.

My company sources and sells products direct from China and can help most anyone interested in moving products quickly (including drop shipping). However, we do ask that our customers buy some upfront, usually 10-20 pieces of a product that we hold at our location and will ship out as your orders come in.

If this is something of interest, please email me at Link hidden: Login to view and I'll be happy to try and help. In the meantime, you can visit our website at Link hidden: Login to view.

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