This will help you sell better ebay/ amazon wholesale &Drop

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Oem Experts ( Link hidden: Login to view) really cars about our customers . we can hold your hand and walk you through it

in fact This will help you sell better ebay/ amazon wholesale &Drop shipping

nothing is easy ,but the people who want to make it happen see results. if they dont, they dont want it bad enough..

Read the below and contact us to see how we can help you

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Here’s how you can realistically become a millionaire with very little cash investment (and a LOT of hard work investment) on Amazon.

Initial investment of $30,000
$3,000: Course/mentoring
$2,000: Brand & packaging Design
$2,000: Trademark
$3,000: Photos, Listing creation
$15,000: 3,000 units @ $5.
$5,000: Advertising and Launch

If done quite well, by the time you are sold out of your inventory, you’ve gotten back $30,000 from that $15,000. (Break even with all costs considered, but now you have so many assets: a brand, reviews, knowledge.)

You probably will need to put in another $10,000 for your reorder before you got back your initial investment, but now you should be confident because your product IS selling so it’s not a gamble (the next $10k) if you do it this way you don’t run out of stock and have a much better chance to succeed.

You continue to sell but now the one-time costs are gone. So every $15,000 of inventory brings you $30,000 in cash. You can double your money about every 3-6 months.

After one year you can make $100,000 in “profits” but DO NOT QUIT YOUR JOB YET BECAUSE THE BUSINESS WILL NEED THAT MONEY. If you don’t feed from the business but FEED the business and add more products and put more $ into it. You may make $100,000-$300,000 the second year or even more.

As a single owner without staff and just sweat into the company, you could have company margins as high as 30%+. Some companies achieve this even with good-sized teams (mostly in high margin industries like makeup or skincare). This is possible with great expertise, but is not common.

What many missed with my post about 7.5% margin is that even at 7.5% margin, a person selling 14m per year or more (our team included) ARE STILL MILLIONAIRES.

Amazon is a place where average people have a chance to reach millions upon millions of people without ever needing approval from a “Retail Buyer” at Walmart or other crazy gatekeepers. Actually we still aren’t accepted by these gate keepers and I STILL haven’t figure this out. If it wasn’t for Amazon there’s no way in hell we would’ve had this massive success as I don’t know yet how to talk to “buyers” at these big companies. I do not have the “in” and don’t know the right people.

There ARE bumps along the road and we almost went bankrupt more than once due to NOT UNDERSTANDING: what a profit and loss statement is; cash flow; patent laws; etc.

I’ve ALSO inspired others to get started on Amazon and every so often someone writes to me that they quit their job and now sell $120,000 per month or some other figure. People still start today and make WAY MORE MONEY than they would’ve any other way in some short years.

It’s a spectacular opportunity. But, like any business there are UPS AND DOWNS.

When I posted about margins on Amazon - some people got discouraged. But, SYSCO is a company that operates at a 2.8% Profit Margin still generates 1 BILLION in profit.

I’ll take that any day…

i saw this article l and thought it might help you. we would do anything to help the reseller community

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Oem Experts
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