Trying to make money on eBay - Need a dropshipper!

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14 May 07 04:12:28 am
I am new to this site. I searched a long time to find this site, looking everywhere. I am trying to make money on ebay and open an online store, and I have already experianced :twisted: So far I have found many on ebay that are selling tons of products everyday. I know they are dropshipping. So far on this site I have been pushed to megagoods which I already knew of, and they suck, and which doesnt exist anymore. I paid 65 bucks for this valuable info. I know there are sites that dropship and that you can make money on ebay with. I don't care what the products are, I just want quality products at realistic prices. I can go to Sam's club and buy cheaper than most of the sights listed. PLEASE HELP!!! :cry: :x :evil: :!:

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14 May 07 08:44:05 am
Well the most profitable ebayers are buying thier items in bulk liquidations and truckloads. There is money to be made in dropshipping if you do your research. But a good dropshipper is very hard to find. Not to mention as a dropshipper you are competing with people that buy the same items in liquidation lots. And have the ability to sell items cheaper.

Do You have a registered business?

If you do you can register with Link hidden: Login to view
They have over 17,000 products you can dropship for profits. And they have a same day fullfillment promise. And you can setup a dropship account with them. If you order before 5 PM its shipped that same day.

They are the largest distributer of electronics and accessory products in the United States and have been for several years. They also boast the lowest prices and most competitive products pricing of any distributer in the USA.

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15 May 07 06:39:18 pm
I use these dropshipper and they have real
good service..

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16 Dec 08 09:27:48 pm
Have a read of this post Link hidden: Login to view

Have you got your own online store yet? Link hidden: Login to view


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