Uploading listings on eBay - Need your help!

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2 Oct 10 09:17:45 am
How do I upload listings to my E bay shop?I have this "Turbolister".But how do I obtain the Product listings and Photos from a Dropshipper?

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2 Oct 10 09:40:07 pm
Hi yrubnats1,

Your first question was answered by your next statement -- you can use Turbolister to upload your listings to eBay, although to clarify, you're not really uploading listings to your eBay shop -- you're uploading your listings to the eBay site in general, then all of the listings you have on eBay will also appear in your shop.

You can obtain product descriptions and images from your dropshipper's website in most cases. You can right-click on each image to save it to your computer, and then upload it to Turbolister or the eBay selling form right from your computer.

As far as the descriptions are concerned, most of the time, dropshippers will allow you to copy and paste the product descriptions from their website right into your eBay description, although I wouldn't necessarily ONLY do that, since most supplier product descriptions are pretty lacking. I would add a lot more to your description besides just what you get from the dropshipper's website.

For more information and details on this process, please read my recent Salehoo guest blog post on this topic:

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Erika Garnica
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3 Oct 10 07:13:44 am
Hi and welcome yrubnats1,

Erika has given you solid advise, knowing her experience and knowledge - her tips will definitely point you towards the right direction!

If you haven't I would also suggest downloading your copy of our Dropshipping Handbook. To down load please go to Link hidden: Login to view its the first one of the page.

All the best!

PS - Might want to add a picture to your profile when you get the chance - thanks! :)


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3 Oct 10 11:45:50 pm
How do I upload listings to my E bay shop?I have this "Turbolister".But how do I obtain the Product listings and Photos from a Dropshipper?

You may refer to this useful guide in setting up and using eBay's free TurboLister - Link hidden: Login to view

Hope this helps! :)



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