US Tax ID - do I need to get one?

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18 Oct 10 05:15:52 am
I am not a citizen of united states, but I sell my products on several US based auction sites, some of them need a Tax ID, can I get one if I am not a US citizen, any help will be appreciated!

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18 Oct 10 10:03:10 pm
Hi lzysfjt,

A seller's permit is a certificate issued for a small fee by your state (if you live in Canada or the US) that says you are registered to collect sales tax. It is required to buy wholesale and sell retail or sell wholesale, in other words, it is required for retailers who buy or sell tangible, taxable items. If you live outside the US or Canada and your supplier asks for a sales tax ID, usually you just need to provide something equivalent in your country, for example your VAT registration in the EU or the UK, or your ABN or GST registration in Australia and New Zealand.

You can learn more about this here -

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18 Oct 10 10:38:25 pm
Hi lzysfjt,

Since you are located in China, you will need to get a Business Tax (equivalent of a US Tax ID). This includes all enterprises, units, household businesses and other individuals engaged in provision of taxable services, transfer of intangible assets or in sales of immovable properties within the territory of the People's Republic of China.

To get one you must visit your local tax bureau. This might help - Link hidden: Login to view

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