USA dropshippers are greedy

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9 Dec 09 05:38:22 am
I've been a member of SaleHoo for 2 weeks now,all i do is sit back and read see what people has to say and learn some dos and don't s,there is a lot of good info in here no doubt about that.

(excuse my writing I'm a two finger typist)

I been looking for suppliers and dropshippers and im going to tell you all,,, dropshippers from my own USA ARE GREEDY,its a shame its embarrassing and its sad,i don't understand,why don't SaleHoo make a note of this and let people know that if you are willing to work with dropshippers within our own USA (Beware) that not only is the prices sky high but the shipping is even worse and most of them sell their own products on eBay how in the hell can we compete with that?

From my own calculation i see that after a customer buy from you on eBay,you buy the item from the dropshipper,you pay the shipping,AND NOW YOU HAVE A $5 TO $15 profit and that's being nice,,,OH YEA LETS NOT FORGET THE EBAY FEES AND PAYPAL FEES and with some products you could end up in the negative.

(one thing about me i don't give up never will)

I decided to look at high ticket items because if i can sell an item for $2 to $300 or more i could make a good profit at lease around $40 to 50 $60 i would even go $20 or $30 profit after expensive so i looked and looked every time i go to a site it just made me more f***** mad then the last,i see that these fools got their prices higher then whats on eBay or they must be selling they own products on eBay,not only that they have the nerve to say that the retail price is $100 to $200 more then what they selling it for.

Now let's look at the Chinese,,,they take our products duplicate them and sell them right back to us for real cheap,,,don't believe me take a look at all of your clothing and sneakers i bet most of them says (MADE IN CHINA) the Chinese has some really good looking duplicate items and cheap shipping,,,cheap shipping coming from china!!but the problem is we can't sell them on eBay because they would be consider as fake i been through it already,but when you go out to buy clothes in most stores just about all of the items are made in china,,,i think they buy in bulk from China and sell it that way.

Everybody please do your research,i do not believe and could be wrong that when you first start out you should use dropshippers to get your feet wet (BS) im going to study those who is already their,,you have some people on eBay that make 30k 50k 100k a month and there is one that salehoo mention makes 500k a month on eBay.

Lets be realistic here there are a lot of good people in this forum that will help us,but don't get it twisted and think most of these people going to tell you what really works for them,if that was the case they would have a lot of competition and their money would not be the same.
Now Tell Me Would You Do It ?

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9 Dec 09 09:54:32 am
Hi hurry123,

You're absolutely right: a lot of drop shippers are extremely hard to be profitable with. The drop shipping model can be successful, but only with the right products, and usually off eBay on your own website.

Because eBay is a really competitive marketplace, the best options are one of these three:

(1) Establishing excellent relationships with big wholesalers selling the latest popular products. Buying in bulk and being among the first online sellers to offer these new products. This is the most difficult way to sell on eBay, especially if you are just starting out.

(2) Find a niche (for example, foldable beach furniture), or sell collectibles.

(3) Come in at the end of a product's lifecycle, usually by buying liquidation items and reselling them. But there are also other overlooked opportunities. For example, everyone thinks that the best time to sell movie merchandise is when the movie has just release right? But what people often overlook is that sales of movie merchandise often spike again when the movie is released to DVD.

So, the key is to be a bit creative. Read widely: newspapers, magazines and Twitter are particularly good for getting ideas and helping yourself to think outside the box. I know, it's easier said than done, but if you keep on at it, you'll find something!

All the best :)


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14 Dec 09 03:50:34 am
Thank you Grace

Your info is true and i am doing exactly that,but im going to go out on one of my limbs here

The best info i got,,,and all of us newbies need to read is the auction inspector guide,it's a lot to read but believe me if your serious tired of bull S then this is the way to go.

I am doing ok so far sense i realize that drop shipping company are all greedy,,,BUT NOW I NO THEIR SECRET!!!

Im doing this full time so i got the time to do research.

There is nothing but garbage out there and i spent a lot of money on it,and i am sure im not by my self.


I found only 3 PDF files that works and make sense.

1. Is Auction inspector guide,,,that i already said

2. Is Four Tier Annihilation

3. Is the selling queen

As you can see that i am not trying to use my affiliate ID to get a commission ether,this is all true and real to me and im going to share it even though im not there yet.

You talking about power sellers here we go,and they do not give you bits and pices.

So all of us newbies try it,you might like it.
One thing i realize is that we can not sell branded product on eBay from china ,i found out the heard way,and i still got a lot work to do.

Thank you Grace

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6 Jan 10 02:34:55 pm
sounds great hurry123
yeah.. USA dropshippers are so greedy.. >.

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6 Feb 10 05:29:01 am
As a newbie myself i have found drop shipping hard.
I have signed up with a usa based drop shipper and they advertise that they products can be dropped all over the world. It's not until you sign up that you find there is only really 5 countries that they ship too apart from the USA and the products that they do ship outside of the USA are very limited. And yes then you have the Frieght That's a problem.

good luck keep tring and we will get there.

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13 Feb 10 03:58:02 am
I thought about drop shipping from china, they have great prices, but dang it takes so long to get items delivered to the USA. I guess the best option of buying from china is to just wait for the items to come and then sell on the online auctions. They have great dropshippers in china but you never know when the product would arrive in the USA area so that sounds like it may hurt your ebay rating.

If anyone has success dropshipping from china to USA let me know.


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