What is dropshipping?

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8 Nov 06 08:57:02 pm
can someone plz explain drophipping to me as i am not sure what it is thanks..... :D :D

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8 Nov 06 10:50:45 pm
hi, its when you sell a item say on eBay, but you dont actually have the stock with you, but in say china still owned by the wholesaler. once its sold you pay and tell the wholesaler to ship the item to the winning bidder's address. of course you will have to have a wholesaler who is willing to do this and you have worked it all out

pros and cons with this method, pro that you dont need to buy it first to sell it, good for people who are straped for cash. con however since shipping from a place like china costs a fair bit and so its hard to get a decent profit from.

i perfer to buy my stock in bulk, that way the shipping cost is split among all the items and thus i get more profit.

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9 Nov 06 11:24:25 am
Basically its any item you can get below wholesale dropped to the bidder/buyers doorstep without ever touching the product.

Beware: Dont try to drop ship on ebay. Unless you have researched your product well. Most dropshippers waste alot of money then give up

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6 Dec 06 06:28:20 am
there are certain things you need to make sure b4 using a dropshipper, from my experience, the most important things are: 1. they have the products of your niche at competitive prices, or they can offer a wide range of other products which could be profitalbe to resell, ofcos you have to do some research and compare average ebay retail price and the wholesale or dropship price they offer. 2. no dropshipping fees and minimum order. 3. service is fast and secure. 4. real time stock availability on the online storefront so you won't have to wait for new stock to arrive after you have collected payment from your buyer and promised the shipping time. 5. good customer service, the maximum average respond time should not be over 48 hrs 'cause sometimes you ask them questions on the behalf of your buyer, you have to get back to your buyer asap b4 the listing ends, so you won't lose any potential buyer because of delay in answering questions. there are also some more obvious points such as the profit margin you can get and their experience in dropshipping business... that involves a lot of work and i suggest to test out their service and the quality of products first by ordering yourself a small gift , or, run a search on google to see if they have been involved in any scam and see what others are saying about them ... a good dropshipper can save you a lot of time, budget, and hassle of shipping, packaging and stuff, i believe that saving is earning, but you have to do research first until you find a good one to work with for a long run, hope that helps

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20 Dec 06 09:12:56 pm
DropShiping is.
You use ther info on the product.you sell it
get the money you order it they ship it to the
custermer under your name. if you sell on ebay
auctions you must but thes is a presell item.
it would cover your but if they are out of stock


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