What products can I dropship?

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6 Jul 10 01:03:42 am
I'm new to SaleHoo but I'm starting to lose a little faith in this whole dropshipping thing. Is there really any way to make actual profit from it, or do people really only make profit from Wholesale.
The generic answer seems to be sell something that your passionate about, but I'm passionate about electronics, gadgets and such but those seem to be the worst items to do this with.
I'm not looking for someone to tell me exactly what I should sell, but can someone point me in a good direction?

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6 Jul 10 01:37:54 am
Welcome to SaleHoo illumni :)

Yes, that is true it is often ideal to sell products you are passionate about. But its a totally different story when you want to sell electronics - why? everybody's so passionate about this product category making the market very stiff and highly competitive...

But I'm not saying you should not sell electronics at all rather sell other products too. Like everyday consumables, smaller gadgets, accessories (instead of the product itself). Try checking your 'Need-to have-list', things we commonly need are oftentimes the things other people need as well :)

Don't lose faith, you're not the only one who hasn't found the product they want to sell or the supplier they will source it from... Its a matter of research and time - for sure you will land a great supplier and the right set of products too!

All the best :)


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6 Jul 10 01:57:35 am
Hi illumni,

There won’t be too much profit margin to be expected from drop shipping (as compared with wholesale purchasing), since drop shippers will be in charge of product storage and handling, and they will tend to charge a slightly inflated price to cover these storage and handling costs. This method is used by anyone who cannot or are not willing to pay the higher cost of buying wholesale. For some who have gradually earned from the dropshipping method, they decide to go wholesale, with a greater appreciation on the higher profits that can be placed on it.

The question in what will sell well is dependent on a lot of factors – your market (target customers and location), your interest, the supply and the current product trend/ demand. As Richelle has mentioned, research and time is needed before you can spot one product and a good supplier that will be most suitable for you to work on.

Make use of SaleHoo’s education resources - Link hidden: Login to view These have valuable information about dropshipping, multi-sourcing and deciding on what products to sell.

Let me know how we can be of further help.

Have a nice day!


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7 Jul 10 01:47:15 am
One of our customers also sells electronics like ipad on ebay, he can get 10 thousand dallers profit a month.

I think everything is hot item if you are smart enough to sell it.

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7 Jul 10 03:29:16 am
To help you in finding your 'IT' product, here are 10 sourcing tips that might just do the tip:

1. Review your sales data from last holiday season
2. Source new versions of proven best-sellers
3. Ask suppliers for a holiday preview
4. Ask your suppliers for their recommendations
5. Track trends in your product category throughout the year
6. Identify the latest and greatest
7. Attend pre-holiday trade shows
8. Ferret out the hits with Google Insights
9. Pay close attention to the back-to-school hit list
10. Tap into Idea Hotspots

To read more about: Sourcing Hot Products for the Holidays - 10 strategies to discover the 'it' item for your market niche, please click on the link below:

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