What questions do I ask a dropshipper

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29 Jan 14 03:17:55 am
Dropshipping questions ... please :)

1:Do you just contact a supplier and ask i would like too use you as an dropshipper ?

2: money? do i have to buy products ? how does this work?

3: i use salehoo web site is that a good choice when dropship ?

4: and yes how to start :) ?

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29 Jan 14 10:54:04 am
Hey there - I'm right there with Fredrik above with the same questions please if anyone can assist?


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30 Jan 14 02:15:28 am
Hi guys and welcome to the forum.

OK, in answer to the questions

1. Yes, pretty much. You have to contact the supplier of choice and establish an account with them to use their service

2. No, you don't have to purchase products up front. With dropshipping, the supplier allows you to advertise their products with your margin built
into the price. Then at the time of a sale, you then place the order to ship directly to your customer and pay them their asking price and keep
your margin.

Just remember when doing your pricing model to calculate shipping and advertising costs

3. I'm not quite sure what you mean by this, but you can use our directory to find fully verified dropship suppliers.

4. How to start, well jump into the directory and start looking for suppliers you would like to deal with, but remember it's not as easy as just finding
a supplier, you have to do your market research. Research different suppliers, research the products, other sellers in your market and so on. It's
still a business so you have to still treat it like one.

Cheers guys

Mark (fudjj)

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