What's the downside of getting a Turnkey dropshipping site?

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6 Jul 07 09:26:23 pm
I am trying to start up a new website with dropshippers. I've heard Turnkey Business quit often. A little confused on what it actually is. Does the Turnkey Business take any of my profits?

I purchased a template to design my site through Dreamweaver. It's taking me some time to learn the program (I already had dreamweaver but never used it). Would it be worth it to learn this program, design, and keep up my website or just purchase an already built Turnkey site?

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7 Jul 07 06:43:11 am
I use dreamweaver for everything from managing my sites to designing professional layouts for my auctions. Its a great tool and worth the time to learn all the functions you can.

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8 Jul 07 06:06:32 pm
I use frontpage 2003 software
its a dummys guide to html :)

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8 Jul 07 08:56:48 pm
Typically with a turnkey site everything should be done with the back end or administration site of the website so there should be not any software needed such as Front Page or Dreamweaver.

However if you are simply purchasing a template then yes you will need to use software to make changes and create it.

However 'turnkey' simply means that the user should be able to easily add products, make changes, etc. without using any software.


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