What steps should I take to get started faster?

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20 Oct 10 02:16:39 pm
I'm trying to start out with dropshipping because I don't have much starting capitail. My short term goal is to make $200 per week (not alot, or is it?) How long should it take to reach that goal? And what should I do to reach that goal as soon as possible?

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20 Oct 10 09:01:40 pm
That is impossible to equate accurately to be honest. Basically comes down to what products you are listing, the price you are listing them at, the market you are selling to, the reliability of the supplier you are using...... and that's really just to start.

I think the figure of 200 a week is quite obtainable using a drop shipping model, however I would suggest aiming for that as an average and not 200 week in and week out, because the market will always flucuate.

Did you have any particular products in mind?

Mark (fudjj)

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20 Oct 10 10:49:39 pm
Welcome to the site, clindahl84 - Nice to have you with us :)

I agree with fudjj, its really hard to make an equation out of it. You have to give space for the unforetold's/unforeseen's and if you don't achieve your goal you'll end up getting frustrated.

But it's good that you have a set target to aim for, it gives you cause to work hard. Just don't be too hard on your self though.

And remember to have fun while you're at it! Fun will make everything a whole lot easier to achieve. So if you can start with products are you are interested in.

I'm not sure where you plan to sell online but in case you will go with eBay, we have a number of very useful guides that you can start reading while deciding on your product line...

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Hope this helps.


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20 Oct 10 11:54:28 pm
Hi clindahl84,

Get started. You need a lot of motivation, reliable drop shippers and a computer with a stable connection. :) Whenever I doubt something as workable, I always lean on what Newton said - 'For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.' Anything is possible, especially when you put action on it. :)

Make use of our guide in learning the ins and outs of drop shipping - Link hidden: Login to view

And other relevant resources - Link hidden: Login to view
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We wish you the best. Just send us a message anytime if you need help.



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