What to sell on eBay - advice needed

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13 Nov 10 05:08:45 pm
Trying to use Ebay pulse to find items to sell. I have been reading the user guide on sale hoo. But does anyone have any more advice for me?

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14 Nov 10 08:38:42 pm
Hi and welcome to the site, clindahl84!

You can also perform a completed listings search on eBay to find out what the going price is for something you wish to sell, and what the demand is like.

Another idea is to check eBay’s Want It Now listings. How many people are searching for something versus the number of suppliers supplying it?

You can also check sites such as Amazon and Yahoo to see what is selling elsewhere.

Now keep in mind, these, while useful as a starting point, can also be accessed by every other eBay seller. ‘Hot’ products usually have so much competition that it is always most profitable to come up with your own niche market.

Some ways to find niche markets -

Magazines, newspapers and blogs can be very useful for brainstorming and researching new markets. It's also a good idea to keep tabs on what is happening in the news if you want to pick up on new trends. The trick is to analyze what you hear and read for product opportunities.

Sometimes, friends and family can be the source of an idea. Perhaps they are all having the same trouble finding the perfect baby carrier, ergonomic gardening tools, or kitchen grill. Just 3 or 4 people looking for the same thing can indicate an opportunity waiting to be grabbed.

Your own hobbies and interests can be the catalyst for a great product idea. It’s highly likely many other people also share your passion and need the same items you do, whether that be art or a collectible, craft tools, or essential piece of equipment, such as a snorkel, bird watching binoculars, baseball bat, and so on. Not only are most hobbyists prepared to spend to support their interest, but you as a seller will already have a lot of knowledge about the product, which will make sourcing items and marketing a lot easier.

Or, if you haven't yet, try selling stuff from around your home that you no longer need anymore. In the process, you will often stumble across items that sell really well that you would never have otherwise picked. Everyone makes mistakes when they start out and it’s best to get some practice – to find out what sells best – before you start investing in inventory and selling seriously.

A quick search in the forum for ideas on what to sell may bring up a few posts, you'll also find our blog very useful for getting tips on what to sell.

Don't hesitate to post here, or email us at support@salehoo.com if you have any questions at all.


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14 Nov 10 10:40:43 pm
Hi clindahl84

Welcome to SaleHoo!

Another idea is to take a look at wholesale lots that are selling on eBay (just search for "wholesale lots" or "bulk lots".

This can help give you an idea of items to sell.

Just remember to do some market research (by looking at eBay Completed Listings, for example) to make sure you are buying items that will sell well.

Good luck!


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14 Nov 10 11:23:17 pm
You might also find our newly added guides quite useful in your search for items to sell on eBay, have a read -

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If you feel you're having a hard time might be a good idea to explore other auction sites as well like Addoway, Bonanza (formerly Bonanzle), eCrater, Craigslist, and BluJay to name a few...

Hope this helps.

Hope to see you with a profile picture next time! :)


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