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Which drop-shippers give the best profit margins?

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22 Oct 11 05:06:13 pm
I have always liked the art the of selling I am new to e-commerce how ever. I hope I am not asking too many questions. I understand I will not get rich quick selling online.

I have sold odds and ends around my apartment. I've sold all my college books after I use them so I have some minimal experience. Basically what I am wanting to do it buy from liquidation sites and sell their products on eBay and other platforms. The problem is I have virtually no capital. I am wanting to sell items from drop shippers until I get about $500 bucks or so then I can purchase some items through liquidation. Then eventually open an online wrestling store (amature not the fake stuff).

I just can't seem to put a finger on what has the best profit margins. I realize asking for what drop shipper has the best profit margins is a very broad question. I do know though that most of the members on this forum have e-commerce experience. So for most of you what drop-shippers give you the best profit margins?

Also I do not plan on using my drop shippers through eBay because I realize that is too hard of a market to break into using drop shipping.

Thank you!

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24 Oct 11 02:31:49 am
Hi mprince1901,

Honestly, I'm not sure if anyone would be willing to share their dropshippers with you. Some may recommend a few dropshippers, though :)

One thing to consider is that what may work for others may not necessarily work for you. A products demand my depend on your location, market, season or trend so it is more ideal to identify the product/niche and then search for the best supplier! What would you do with a great supplier if none of their products are in demand in the market you are catering to?

I suggest doing your own research when it comes to choosing your dropshipper/supplier. You can try using our Link hidden: Login to view in seeking the best product for you to sell.

Also I do not plan on using my drop shippers through eBay because I realize that is too hard of a market to break into using drop shipping.

This is a good realization! Many are already dropshipping on eBay and some dropshippers are actually selling directly on eBay.

All the best!

PS, I think you might find the guides in Link hidden: Login to view helpful :)


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