Which to use: US or overseas dropshippers?

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9 Jul 15 06:39:28 pm
For anyone with experience in the topic. What are the differences you are encountering (pros/cons) when dealing with dropshippers from the US and from other countries if your business is based in the US and market in the US?


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9 Jul 15 07:36:13 pm
Hi M,

The two biggest issues you will face dealing with an international supplier are shipping times and shipping prices, both of those can have an impact on your competitiveness.

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14 Jul 15 04:46:59 am
Hi M,
I agree with Mark. Additionally, you will want to watch that the quality from overseas is good and that the products aren't infringing on copywrite. Our product is a wand style massager, much like the Hitachi brand. There are multiple overseas manufacturers making fake hitachi massagers and selling them really cheap. You can get in trouble if you accidentally sell counterfeit products.

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15 Jul 15 07:13:41 am
Hi M,
Well. That's an interesting topic we'd like to discuss with.
If you trust some Chinese Brand like Xiaomi and DJI for some products such as drone,power bank,sports camera,bluetooth smart bracelet
You may need Chinese dropship supplier as a oversea distributor.
However,what you need it's Iphone ,Xbox video games,PSP or blackberry etc.
the US dropshippers may be more trustable and convinient. That's the big difference in product fields.

Of course shipping time and price is a big issue and the tax or some other fee for the custom.
That's why banggood set up the USA and the UK warehouse to deal with this issue.
That's my point of view about the "versus". Hope we can receive some other interesting comments.

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