Wholesale-Brands - any feedback on them as a dropshipper?

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6 Mar 10 04:33:32 pm
I am new to this type of marketing and want to check if anybody has dealt with Wholesale Brands in China? I want to offer laptop computers and while they claim that their products are warranteed by the manufacturer, I want to know if that is a fact? Can anybody help me?

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9 Mar 10 12:17:19 am
Hi edealer4u,

I was just about to type in that this supplier seems pretty legit, but I may have to take it back now, seeing this in their whois profile:


Created on..............: 2009-02-06 16:08:37 GMT
Expires on..............: 2010-02-06 16:08:37 GMT
Last modified on........: 2009-11-17 07:33:35 GMT

It seems that they're domain has expired and no notes of a renewal or update has been made. Have you tried contacting this supplier?

Their products in general, look very nice but we don't really encourage our members to buy branded products from suppliers based in China. I would strongly suggest crossing them off your list (for your safety).

Hope this helps. :)


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28 Mar 10 01:21:43 pm
World Wide Brands is a joke if you ask me... I don't know of anybody that has made any measurable amount of money selling their items. Then again, I don't know anybody who has made a measurable amount of money with drop shipping either...
In order to make big money, you need to buy in bulk. Drop shipping lowers your profit margin to the point where any profit is eaten by ebay in the form of fees. The top powersellers are buying their items in bulk, not drop shipping. Its the only way that you can make money in a volume type of environment (It is tough to hold margin on ebay in my experience)....
Never pay anyone to sell their products.

Worldwide Brands charges $299.00 fee, Its like going to Costco & paying them to shop & spend your money at their store, why people do that is beyond my knowledge.

I hope this helps... Of course, all of my opinions are only based on my experience. Take care.

John (aka bacpro)

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28 Mar 10 04:14:51 pm
I remember when I first started with Ebay, Worldwide Brands and Doba were pushed alot and claimed to be preferred by Ebay sellers. After looking into these companies and seeing the very low margin I realizsd they were a scam. NEVER NEVER pay a membership fee to sell other peoples products. They scam you both ways first with the high membership fee and second with the below retail pricing.


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