Why dropshippers are asking for membership fees?

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20 Jan 12 07:41:06 am
i have just joined salehoo evertime i look for a dropshipper they want a lot of money to join there program,then u go to wholesalers and they want more money i will be bankrupt before i even buy or sell an item,i feel a little taken in by salehoo maybe they should state that further memberships are required

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21 Jan 12 05:22:22 am
Hi Jovall49

You do have to weigh up between drop ship suppliers as some will have related charges, such as memberships. You need to see what advantages there are to signing up with one that has such charges over one that has no such charges.

In regards to Wholesalers, it's quite unusual for a genuine Wholesaler to charge any such fees. With a Wholesaler it usually a matter of making application for an account, then you purchase price will, come down to what sort of volume you are buying in.

Of course with Drop Shipping, you usually won't see any great discount on volume purchasing, where as volume discounts is what Wholesale is all about.

I understand it can be frustrating when starting out, however these suppliers are independent of SaleHoo, so we have no control over how they structure their business models.

Mark (fudjj)

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21 Jan 12 05:10:46 pm

Here are a few suggestions of suppliers listed.

St. Louis Wholesale
Magazzino Wholesale
Via Trading
SED International Holdings Inc.

These are listed under My own Favorites. I hope you can something useful.

By the way, do not feel taken. I have been here for several years and I have not ever felt that way.


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21 Jan 12 09:00:22 pm
ttxs i will try them,it was the first 3 sites i went to and they wanted cash.

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23 Jan 12 01:56:27 am
Hi jovall49,

Welcome to SaleHoo!

Yes, some of the drop shippers in our directory do charge small account set-up fees. While by no means ideal, a small account set-up fee is fairly common practice among drop shippers. In most cases we can understand the charge because it costs the drop shipper time and money to process a new account.

That said, not all drop shippers in SaleHoo charge a fee. And even if an account set-up fee is charged, you can often get around it by purchasing through the wholesale area of the site rather than the drop shipping area.

Hope that helps - please let me know if you have any further questions :)


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