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Why is the droshipping fee on FrangranceNet so HIGH?

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23 Nov 09 08:47:13 am

I recently signed up as a wholesale member of FragranceNet.com which is on SaleHoo to purchase fragrance for my business. They are a great company with fantastic products and great prices HOWEVER....... i really want to drop ship and they charge you an insane $30 per item international. I just cant believe this. This is not exclusively a 'drop ship' fee but a fee to send internationally based on one item whether you are sending them to yourself or someone else. If you order more and send to the same address, the shipping is better. What i can t understand though, is how anyone can make money from that. In order to drop ship, i most often have to send 1 item at a time to a customer. I cant afford to pay $30 as well every time i send to a different address otherwise i would be losing money. Can someone from SaleHoo perhaps tell me if this sounds right to you? surely they have international buyers who drop ship otherwise they would not offer the service but i cant see how anyone could afford it.

I did look into drop shipping into the USA which would then be free shipping but for some reason, the prices on EBAY AU (where i live) are so much dearer than the EBAY USA site and i cant make any money on the USA site.

HELP please.............................!!!!!!!!!!!!


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24 Nov 09 12:45:23 am
Hi Grace190208,

How are you getting such a figure? Can you please provide us with more details so we can check it out further for you.

By the way, I tried calculating the probable shipping cost for 1 item to be shipped to Australia, by going through the wholesale section and using their shipping calculator. The amount that came up was roughly $11.

Looking forward to your update...Cheers :)


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12 Dec 09 05:37:30 am
HI Richelle!

Sorry i havent checked this in a while. I usually log into Fragrance Net wholesale and put 1 item into the shopping cart. I fill out the shipping details with my adress - South Australia , AUSTRALIA and then tick international dropship delivery $33.33 Australian Dollars (ive clicked on Australian currency). It adds it on and BAM, it costs me nearly more than the product is worth to send it direct to my customer. Most of my customers order 1 thing at a time so adding $33 onto the price to dropship to them is an insane amount of money. I cant imagine who would make money from that if you live outside the US ( and AUS is obviously further away).



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