Women shoes drop shippers wanted

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26 Jun 11 09:39:38 pm
I hope you could help me find top level drop shippers, with no drop shipping fees, preferably from the US.

Love your site :)

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27 Jun 11 05:57:54 am
Hi privendo,

Try this supplier - Link hidden: Login to view

Our Service:

Totally free to set up your reseller account
Extremely competitive dealer prices
Drop ship for you to US and Canada
No handling fee, no minimum quantity or order for most products
Additional discount for big orders
An easy and quick system to place your order online

Link hidden: Login to view

Cheers! :)


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26 Jul 11 01:18:39 pm
looking shoe dropshipper Chinese or Korean as possible with low prices
thank you!

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26 Jul 11 01:21:04 pm
anyone know if this company is reliable? HOTWHOLESALEWORLD?

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27 Jul 11 12:03:50 am
anyone know if this company is reliable? HOTWHOLESALEWORLD?

i would not recommend them,i copied what they say about accepting payment on their own site:


When you send the money to us ,you can tell us exactly about your

address,needed size,cash information ......

For all orders, prepayment is required .
We accept payment
as following :

1. Western Union:
Any questions about Western Union , please visit :

Link hidden: Login to view
for our information of Western Union , please contact us.

2. MoneyGram :
Any questions about MoneyGram , please visit :

Link hidden: Login to view contact us for our information of


3. T/T (Bank Wire Transfer) :
Usually it will take about 1-2 working days to confirm your payment
by T/T . For our bank account information, please contact us.

4.Online Payment:

Need more information,pls feel free to contact us for more details.

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27 Jul 11 12:26:56 am
@ligitselz: Hi and welcome to SaleHoo! Great first post, thanks for stepping in :)

@DELMAR: ligitselz is right about pointing out their payment methods - totally unsafe and we strongly recommend you avoid doing business with any supplier that only offers wire transfer payments.

Also, the site is less than a year old and is based in China, yet selling brand name products! Remember that China and authentic brand name products NEVER go together in the same sentence. The likelihood of fakes and counterfeits is high so best to drop them from your list and continue your supplier search.

Here's a link to the suppliers I posted in reply to you other post - Link hidden: Login to view

All the best! Cheers :)


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