Worried about import tax on my drop shipped items

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8 Oct 10 02:18:42 am
I'm drop shipping in to Chile and I'm worried about the import tax.
Sometimes they charge it (customs) and sometimes they don't. It's impossible to predict. Also it's going to be a mess at tax time if they see a lot of profit and little record of importing.

What is the best way to go about this? Tell the customer they may get charged the import tax? Also sometimes customs holds packages for a long time / wants an invoice etc and it's a nightmare.

I never read anything about the customs part of dropshipping internationally.

Thanks in advance!

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8 Oct 10 09:03:15 pm
I have absolutely no personal experience at importing in Chile, but it sounds like a bit of a lottery from what you have written.

There surely must be some sort of set criteria that you can use to set your selling information by. I would contact the customs department directly and ask for some clarification, and ask for it in writing!

Now if it still remains as confusing as before, then it would be best to always assume the worst case scenario when creating a listing, and inform the customer of the potential of certain things being in play in regards to customs.

I know that's not the best way to try and sell a product, but if it is so volatile, then not covering these issues with the listing might give a customer a real fright when they get hit, and that will come straight back and bite you on the rear :(

Mark (fudjj)

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8 Oct 10 09:09:37 pm
Obviously there are criteria and I got it in writing, it's just not really followed. I'd like to adjust my prices to reflect the customs fees if I knew what they would be.

Is there a way to have them pre paid or paid by the shipper or with drop shipping the customs always lands on the customer?

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11 Oct 10 09:49:05 pm
Hi ChileDeals,

I'm not too sure about custom duties being prepaid, so far I think there is no such thing whether in Chile or any other countries.

The tariff required will be based on the type of item being brought into the country so like fudjj said it would be best to tell you customers about possibly paying extra for custom duties. Although, some items especially if small in quantity can easily go through customs and would not require any duties.

All the best :)


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