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22 Jun 06 12:47:32 am

I want to know if Megagoods.com is any good? I like there products on there to list on Ebay. And also Is Netsropshipper.com any good? I heard could get alot of Negative feedbacks on Ebay from the site. Im not trying Xbox 360 to list because I heard Games dont work in some of them. But, This camera I listed on Ebay I am gonna be making more then What the price I listed it for. And, I like this site and there products on Netdropshipper pluse I went in there Live chat area and they said they ship within 48 hours and also get a Tracking number. But I dont know I dont want no Negative feedbacks I have 89 right now all postive I wanna keep it that way. Can anyone Point me to the right Site for Dropshipping for Xbox 360 & Also for Digtial cameras & Apple Ipods. I dont know what site is the best so please help me out :(

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30 Jun 06 07:53:45 pm
I have used Net Dropshipper and do not care for them at all. I placed an order with them since my regular supplier was out of stock and 5 days later I still could not get an email response from them on the status of the order and their 'live suppot' kept telling me that I needed to contact the order department.. Well what is live supporf for if they cannot intercede and get an answer regarding an order you placed? I cancelled the order via email, had to order from yet another supplier and still had no word on whether they had cancelled, shipped or what. :?

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30 Jun 06 11:45:49 pm
Net dropshipper has had many complaints. No delivery of items and not willing to give refunds. I've read forums of people sayin they sent the BBB on them. I would not use netdroppshipper if I were you.

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11 Jan 07 08:31:31 am
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