ZARA - dropshippers needed

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7 Jul 14 10:33:41 am
Is possible to help me and find out a Zara man Dropship supplier?

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7 Jul 14 12:33:39 pm
If you mean the brand Zara you find in Zara stores?
Inditex group is the owner of Zara, and from what i know they only sell Zara brand in their own stores. I doubt you can find it anywhere else to be honest. Maybe some here on Salehoo knows more:)
Same with H&M, their brands you will find in H&M stores and their own website.

Here is the info on wiki: Link hidden: Login to view)


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7 Jul 14 08:50:15 pm
Hi Samuel and welcome to the forum

As Steiner has said, if you mean the brand ZARA, then it is only available through their own chain of stores. They do not make their products available for general wholesale purchasing at all, and certainly not for dropshipping.

If you mean something else, could you just clarify for us so we can be of better assistance.


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