A few of the Buying mistakes I heard of...

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6 Mar 07 09:24:08 pm
Here are few things I read about buyers’ mistakes, some are really stupid ones.

My favorite, the guy who search on Google for wholesale iPods, find one in Honk Kong. Buys 100 units at 1/3rd of the price free shipping and wires $5000 to a bank in Malaysia. Then goes to a forum I belong to asking how long it will take to get the shipment. Guess what... I’m not even sure he got the message.

Another good one, the lady who purchase a pallet of 100 Laptops for $3500 + fee + shipping. She didn’t see the ‘Salvage’ mention... and is now complaining that Liquidation.com ripped her off and she got a pallet of junk.

This one is not bad either, the guy who purchase a 40’ container of electronic goods. Took a second mortgage to pay for it and just forgot about duties... 6 months later when he could afford to pay for tax and have the container released. He got a nice 40’ container full of wet, moldy electronic junk. Ho my, over $150,000 wasted.

It can be very difficult to purchase. I got ripped off once with a Chinese supplier. I got 3 samples, very nice. I ordered 50 units (MOQ) and got 50 lower quality goods. It’s like you get a real iPod as a sample. So you go for it and buy 50 and get iPod type - not the same value but you paid for iPods... That’s why I never buy more than 50 units at the time unless I have a VERY strong relationship with the seller.

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7 Mar 07 03:20:30 am
I have had a similiar experience as your ipod one when ordering from China. I ordered a small sample order of headphones and when they arrived they were great.

I ordered a larger order and the quality was dramatically worse. Real bummer. Chinese traders seem to change quite alot of small things I have noticed, just minor details like the type of plastic the goods come in.



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