A game-changing tool for eBay dropship store owner

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27 Sep 19 07:57:24 pm
Hi! My name is Ms. Deb, and I love dropshipping! Seriously - it's all I think about. Which is why I started this blog - to share my ultimate guide to dropshipping with you. I hope you enjoy reading (and making money) along with me!

As a seasoned eBay DropShip Seller, Coach and Trainer since 2010, all I can say is "We"ve come a long way, Baby"!

​Today, it can't get any easier. 
The future of dropshipping is here with One-Click fully-Automated eBay DropShip Supplier Services is making eBay DropShip Sellers with busy lifestyles or visions of quitting their jobs, reach their goals, easier and faster! 

​What Makes BeGlobal A Game-Changer? 

Deep Wholesale Product Discounted Pricing.
eBay DropShip Sellers enjoy a wide variety of high-quality Products at exceptional     

deep wholesale discounted prices, very competitive within eBay's Marketplace, with above average Sell-through Sales Rates. A game-changer for sure.​

Fixed Shipping Costs Included in Product Prices!​​
BeGlobal has gone the extra mile by including shipping costs in their low wholesale product pricing, making it easier and faster for eBay DropShip Sellers to research competitor's product pricing.....without sacrificing higher profits per sale!.

One-Click FULLY AUTOMATED Software Platform!

Quickly Locate Products by Categories and Go......
No fumbling through dozens of dropship suppliers and their products when you can easily select products by categories.
Perfect for quickly selecting from hundreds of high-quality niche products.

One-Click Automatic eBay Listing
One-click to list selected products in a flash, with confidence using a Mobile-Friendly Responsive eBay Compliant Listing Template with automatic insertion of High Resolution (HD) Product Images. 

 Active Inventory Protections! 
Accurate Inventory updates, automatically protects your eBay Store product listing of price changes and out-of-stock situations. BeGlobal Price Monitoring System Updates prevents profit-losses due to price increases and forced Sale Cancellations due to the product being out-of-stock - AND- Protects Seller Performance Ratings. 

One-Click Product Sales Ordering - BeGlobal takes it from there!
Simply click on your eBay Sales transactions to quickly process orders. The BeGlobal system will automatically begin processing your orders with 2 - 6 Business Day Shipping and Handling time for fast deliveries including Tracking Number uploads.

All-in-One Management Dashboard Platform
​Manage all One-Click Tasks from a Dashboard Platform, like a Pro!
View all Active Listing..revise and optimize. View Sold Product Listings...order and done. Select new products and list.  It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned or new eBay DropShip Seller, BeGlobal's Dashboard Platform is built to stay organized and increase Productivity.

Responsive Customer Support
​Helpful BeGlobal Assistance with email and private member forums provide immediate answers to any questions.
New eBay DropShip Store Owners can watch and learn Training Videos to assist setup and sync Business Policies (Payment, Shipping and Returns) with their system. Better yet, BeGlobal teaches you how to quickly gain sales and feedback to start your business fast. 

BeGlobal does all the heavy-lifting with a WINNING One-Click System!
 Perfect for saving thousands of task hours for new and established eBay DropShip Sellers with busy lifestyles or visions of quitting their jobs, reaching sales success....without sacrificing quality. 
Imagine how fast your eBay DropShip Store can generate sales and grow now?

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Yours Ms. Deb

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17 Dec 19 06:58:39 pm
A short, but properly worded post would do better to grab a persons attention to further investigate.

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31 Dec 19 08:43:03 am
Funny how this article completely leaves out the subscription cost:

$125.99/Month for 450 ebay listings, 1000 EBAY LISTINGS $139.99/Month. 3000 EBAY LISTINGS, $197.99/Month. 5000 EBAY LISTINGS $262.99/Month

That is absurd. Ebay has a seller limit. They slowly expand that limit over time based on many factors. And making money in drop shipping isn't about flooding ebay with products.


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