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12 Apr 06 01:32:22 pm
Hi I am Derel

I am from the USA . I have an Ebay buisness in my spare time for extra cash . I do have a store front thanks to my parents . I am ISO anything and everything and I hope something will catch my intrest sooner or later...I will buy anything for the right price and I am sure you would do the same..I am 26 years old and I am not getting any younger and I would like to retire by the age of 45 so I really need to get on the ball..Btw you know we could use this forum to our advantage.. If you know a supplier here in the usa I could contact them to see if they are legit ..I know that some are not especially one in dallas tx that sell PS2 and xbox 360s. I would hope yall would do the same...thats just an :idea:


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12 Apr 06 03:18:44 pm
Great idea! There are members from all parts of the world on here which can make it like a large community watch as well :lol:

Happy Posting

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28 Apr 06 02:29:21 am
Hey Derel
Cool post! Im from NZ and being so far away from the US its such a risk and scary thought to deal with companies from the other side of the world. Ive been so tempted to join so many of the wholesalers etc but pull out at the last minute. Ill be watching this forum with interest. I hope people in salehoo take on this idea you have given and all help out as we are all here for the same reason!

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29 Apr 06 11:38:46 pm
Hi Derel,

Welcome to the forum ;)



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