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4 Jan 14 07:26:51 pm
I am new to dropshipping and I am trying to figure out a good niche to start with to build an ecommerce store. I have been researching a lot of different products, but it has been difficult to find a niche that has a good sell through rate and relatively low competition.

Does anyone have any advice about how to select a good niche?

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5 Jan 14 09:34:30 pm
It's definitely getting harder to find a true niche market these days, so many people in the market from all over the world competing, plus all the spyware in action means that even when someone does find a niche that is working, everyone else will be onto it in a heartbeat. My suggestion would be to perhaps look at multiple markets/products with moderate turnover and moderate competition.

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25 Aug 14 03:18:33 am
Hi Ashley,

Finding a product with a high profit margin usually means finding a niche market.

We have recently come up with a few searches of our own here at SaleHoo with the help of our Market Research Labs.

Here are some niches that had a good chance of success:

1. Slimming Pills
2. Men's Underwear
3. Building Blocks

Here are the links to some of the blogs that we have come up with to present the actual data from these niches coming off eBay:

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One of the best ways you can also start doing this is just by selling some stuff from around the house that you no longer need any more. In the process, you will often stumble across items that sell really well that you would never have otherwise picked!

Good luck :)


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