Adwords marketing costs and average CPC

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10 Feb 09 08:23:02 pm
I am just doing a little bit of adwords and things like that and I was just wondering what everyone else CPC average is and what they have their maximum cost set to?? I just want to compare to mine if anyone else uses this form to advertise

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13 Feb 09 01:56:59 am
Most of my sales come from salehoo and newsgroup advertising but I do use google adwords.My average cost per click is $0.45 and I generally get on the first or second page for my searches. I spend about $350-$450 per month on Google ad words and I generate about $2,500-$3,000 in sales per month from Google. I will probably make that much higher in the summer and put my max spending per month at $1,000

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13 Feb 09 05:38:09 pm
Depends on the keywords, generally for any clickbank products or store products I will locate the high traffic keywords which have low advertising competition.

I'll then put them into a google adwords alternative like AMP Keyword or Questclick, and let the sales fly. At this point I don't use Google Adwords anyway but when I have I would set it at $0.28 per click, for the keywords that have the lowest advertising competition. That's how to do the right thing with adwords.


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