Affilojet Pack - is it too good to be true?

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28 Jul 10 06:53:53 pm
Does anyone have a response about the 'great affilojet pack' somehow it sounds too good to be true. i would like to hear your views. If it does deliver then i'm on board. But.........

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28 Jul 10 11:02:28 pm
Hi Mystie

i too have asked that question in my mind as it did sound like a scam but in turn you really wont know till you try ae. i reakon it would be pretty good if your into affiliate marketing because thats what he states alot about. im a begginner in that aspect so im promoting a couple of prodcuts now but so far no good lol i havent brought the jetpack because .i dont have the money lol
if you do purchase could you let me know if it works lol.

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28 Jul 10 11:40:40 pm
sure .im still pondering

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29 Jul 10 08:43:16 am
ok straight to the point with this one.

do not waste your time or money with any of this garbage.

the way to make money is to resell the crap they have just sold you.

no long term income in fact very rarely short term income.

affiliate sites like this are waste of time and have the internet saturated.

you have more chance of earning cash from an amazon affiliation or even putting a salehoo link on your website.

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29 Jul 10 09:23:04 pm
Sorry you guys feel that that way but I have heard good feedbacks about Affilojetpack. For its price, you get these.

* A choice of 5 out of 11 available niches
* 90 high-quality newsletter series per niche, organized into a 1-year sequence.
* 3 eBooks per niche that you can give away as bonuses.
* Custom-created Wordpress theme which makes building sites easy for newbies
* Professionally designed header graphics/colors (3 per niche)
* 20 high-quality articles to use on your website
* One-click installation of Wordpress and 1year free hosting
* Training in traffic generation methods

From what I have read, Affilojetpack is a high quality product. In fact, if you pay someone else to do all these, you will spend so much more. For example, if you hire someone to write a newsletter series for a year, it will cost more than the price of this product so I think it would be worth it.



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30 Jul 10 02:40:33 am
Hi guys,

I haven't played around much with affiliate marketing, but my fiancé has, and he makes a lot of money doing so (I call it our wedding fund lol!).

In fact, I know quite a few people who have made money doing affiliate marketing and one thing I have noticed is that it’s true what they say; once the sites are made, they really do run pretty much on autopilot.

The trouble is, succeeding at affiliate marketing generally requires a wide skill set; you need a bit of technical ability to make the websites, writing skills, and a bit of a marketing brain.

So there is a rather big barrier of entry for a lot of people

But, as Richelle pointed out, AffiloJetpack eliminates this barrier of entry by giving you everything you need to get started.

That's why everyone in the affiliate marketing/online industry is buzzing about Jetpack, and that's why we shared the opportunity to join with you guys.

If you're still curious about this product, then here is the link again:

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But remember, this opportunity is only available until Sunday!


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