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6 Dec 16 06:23:12 pm
Hello Salehoo!

I am just getting started in the drop shipping world, and I've begun listing products on Amazon. I have been doing a decent amount of research (including the SaleHoo Market Research Lab) and have been trying to post items with low competition and high sales success rates. However, I still haven't been making sales probably because my account is so new and I have very little feedback to gain buyer trust. I am wondering if anyone has any good advice on how to start making sales faster and begin growing my Amazon business? Any advice is appreciated.

Thank you!


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6 Dec 16 09:03:42 pm
Hi Laura and welcome to the forum,

Not sure if you have read this thread, but I think you might find the advice very relevant to your own situation as a new seller.

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7 Dec 16 12:21:13 am
Hi Laura
Many time in Internet and most in Amazon people are looking for something unique, something with high demands or something that is necessary. So many time also if you have a good product you will not sell it...

Amazon or ebay or just google are a really difficult diploma because you need to know which title uae which words use in your advert and try to be also original.

SO lots of time it is difficult to be a good reseller but it is not mean that you are not in the right way...

My suggestion is to look for a new brand in expansion and offer products with high demand and with lots of personality.

I would like to invite you to visit the beautiful and original handbags and bracelets designed by Helen Bellart artist. She is a modern artist that paint oil pictures and from her own paintings she design fashion products with a really high personality and unique in the market.

Please visit Link hidden: Login to view website and have a look . If you will be in love from the first moment then this is a really successful business for you and you are in the right way :-)

Helen Bellart is making dropshipping with a really high commission per product sold and ship worldwide.

The expansion of the brand is big and exist a really good opportunity not only in Internet but also for shops distribution in countries or cities.

The Base of a solid and profitable business is have a vision of the business before than other people see it.

I would like only to show you with these few lines how simple result start business if you really love the concept because if you love it probably other people will think the same and will buy alot in Internet across your Amazon and / or eBay account.

Helen Bellart is spanish fashion brand specialized in exclusive clothes, accessories,silk scarves, handbags and decorative pillows with very original and unique design all handmade in Spain.


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