Any flea market sellers?

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21 Nov 06 06:27:04 pm
Hi. I was wondering if anyone sells at flea markets and swaps. I'd like to start and would like to offer new items in stead of typical antiques and junk. Any suggestions as to what sells?

Nikki Aronson

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21 Nov 06 07:14:25 pm
I too am wondering about the same thing. Do designer merchandise sell at these swap mart type venues?

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21 Nov 06 07:45:38 pm
Most flea market venders sell knockoff junk. But I would think ones that sold actuall and original products would make some descent money.

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2 Dec 06 04:06:52 pm
NO! Socks, T-shirts, and junk from home sell good, other than that forget it.

John (bacpro)

J Baca

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6 Dec 06 10:18:38 pm
I'm also interested if maybe cd's and dvd's would do well at a flea market?

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29 Dec 06 02:44:53 pm
If youre going to do flea market here s what sells

dollar store items buy for .60 or .70 cents sell for 2.00 dollars
small electronics- head phones ,battery,cell phones , electronic accessories!
dvd's mostly new releases, brand new in wrap! cd's mostly the latest ones though you can sell older titles.
laptops for under 350.00 dollars
ac and dc adaptors
basicly a radio shack on tables! potential could be 1000 to 1500 a weekend with enough inventory! and also the ability to fill request for items such as batterys and adapters also games and gaming systems sell well!

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30 Dec 06 12:40:51 pm
I use Link hidden: Login to view Most of their products are things you would see at flea markets. I have been using them for about 2 years now.

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31 Dec 06 07:57:26 pm
Yeah, thats Flea Market stuff.

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19 Jul 11 09:38:06 pm
Not knocking MBKwholesale, but their prices are a bit high for generic merchandise, dont ya think?

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