Anyone from Melbourne, Aust?

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19 Sep 06 04:41:00 am
Hi there!

Would love to chat to any Aussies (particurlarly in Melbourne) about:

- What suppliers you use
- How much profit you make
- Possibility of sharing shipping costs from overseas
- Joining forces & sharing information

Would be great to get an idea of what's selling out in the ebay world and actually making a profit!

Balza (Belinda)

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19 Sep 06 10:38:29 am
Hi Balza,

I am also from Melbourne. I am looking into selling lingerie at the moment, I currently go to the DFO's and purchase it from there, not making much of a profit this way though, need to find somewhere cheaper. You can sell basically anything on ebay, do you sell on ebay? The 'Want it now' section in ebay is great to find things to buy that you people want to buy.

Best of luck :D


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26 Sep 06 08:15:50 am
Im just down the road in Adelaide :)

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30 Sep 06 07:26:33 am
hi I'm from brisbane can't get this thing to work!!!!!!11

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30 Sep 06 12:15:44 pm

My name is Alison and I live in Melbourne too.

I have a 6mth daughter and am wanting to set up a small business on ebay for extra cash.

I am looking to sell childrens toys, party supplies & art supplies (such as crayons, pencils, etc.)

I have come across 4gsm and have seen a number of things I would buy. At the moment I don't have all the cash to buy the minimum $350US and they don't tell you the shipping cost until the very end. So I have sent them an email with a number of questions - waiting reply.

I have found AllAboardToys which have great products but the shipping costs are so high that very little profit can be made.

It is so hard finding 'real' wholesalers.

Electronics seem to the thing that sells really well on Ebay - ipods, mobile phones. I have also looked into this but need a bigger outlay to start with.

I am very happy to know that I am not the only one finding it difficult to find ideas & wholesalers.

Alison :D

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1 Oct 06 07:50:57 am
Hi Balza

Would be great to be able to chat to other Aussies about how we are doing.

We're on the coast near Mackay, trying to get things going using dropshipping. We believe we have found a niche market for selling lingerie, women's wear, make-up etc, but need suppliers who can drop ship for us as have very little money to pay for stock.

Looking at dropshipping from States, especially as there are stores there selling some of the items we need, but shipping is a concern as well as customs etc.


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13 Oct 06 11:00:13 am
im melb too,

the only thing that screws up profit margin are the crappy shipping cost and now that the dollar isnt as strong as it was 6 months ago its dollar profits!

i think it would be effective for Aus melb orders, to go thru a container, put it all in a container as a group, make plans when to order things overseas, split the cost of container shipment then when it arrives badabing.

but as with everything else, all too easy in theory :roll:

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16 Oct 06 12:00:52 am
Hi there!

I agree with pil4eva! Would be great to get a few people in on a big order and save on shipping costs.

But I'm currently setting up an online lingerie business that I purchased on ebay for $150 AUD through an aussie company so am giving that a try!! What a bargain!! I get all the website and online shop setup plus support and I'm going to setup an ebay shop also to direct the traffic to my website. I also get full control of the website once setup and can add anything new I like. Great value when they charge thousands if you just ring up and get the service or get someone else to setup the website for you!!

Hope all you aussies are going well!!

Take Care


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16 Mar 07 01:15:00 am
Hey guys!
I just came across this post and noticed no one has added to it for about 6 months now! If anyone of you are still out there let me know how things are going for you. I'm from Melbourne too and just started on this website. Cheers


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30 Mar 07 02:25:35 am
Hey - I'm in Melbourne as well. Brunswick to be exact. I'm just new, so I'm asking the same thing, really!


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