Anyone had any experience haggling w/ wholesale suppliers?

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19 Jan 08 03:17:04 am
I have looked at numerous websites and even tried emailing some of the websites trying to haggle better deals, because obviously, the deals aren't that great if you are selling to a wholesale market like eBay. The responses I've gotten so far, neither website would cut me a better deal, I was trying to buy a quantity of 30 items.

Has anyone had any luck with any of the websites as far as haggling the prices down? Also if so did you have to order in huge bulk amounts, or not?

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21 Jan 08 07:18:33 am
Personally speaking, there is more benefits if you order in bulk! But it works well even if you have a sample order!

We are a wholesaler, and give different discounts for sample orders. Of course, we give a wholesale price for large orders! Many customers sell our products on eBay and they work well!

Continue your research, maybe your job is not enough, there are many people living off by small business!

Good luck!

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12 Feb 08 09:44:34 am
Hi, lilembz

Frankly speaking, to maximum the profit is every merchant`s goal. But still some persist in 'Small Profits but Quick Turnover' and 'LONG-TERM cooperation relationship'. Also, the price is not the most important thing a buyer or retailer pay attention to. They should concern much about the reliability of the wholesaler, the quality of the products they provide, and their services. On the wholesaler side, they would think over the price, and can properly reduce the price to satisfy customers on the precondition of the basic price. So we all need to sincerely treat each other. That`s what our think and do!

Good luck and any questions,please feel free to keep in touch!

Bump for this post right here....Always trust the wholesaler and try to make sure they are in the USA if you are in the USA....Makes the game much easier...

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18 Feb 08 10:11:29 pm
Most often, the prices that you see on the websites are not the prices that you can get if you get on the phone, set up an account and get assigned to a sales rep. Once you do that you can then 'haggle' with your rep. The reps normally make thier money by commission and are really looking for long term customers. That is why it is very improtant to build a good solid repor with your rep.

The reps have a base price that they sell the products for and having such gives them leeway as to what price they actually give you. You can and should strike deals with them by letting them know that you will be a long term customer if they can help you with prices that can make you competive in selling their product.

Yes, often you may not want to buy 100 widgets at a single purchase, but let them know that perhaps you will be buying 10 widgets every week if they can help you with the price...Most often if it is a legitimate wholesaler they will work that kind of a deal for you...

I've even had some sales reps that once they have gotten to know me and know that even though I purchase smaller lots, (but on a regular basis) will call me and let me know when they get something good in that is along the same lines as what I was selling. It all goes to helping each other out., You help them makes sales and they help you with good prices..But you have to keep in touch with them (and I mean by telephone) if you want to build any kind of a relationship....


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