Apple iPad accessories - anyone interested in selling these?

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28 Jan 10 05:43:42 pm
Hey Everyone,

I was just thinking how many boats I've missed in my lifetime (business boats), always the last one to join the band wagon or last to reap the profits.

Well the iPad is coming out in just under 60 days. And I'm not saying to start selling those (Apple won't let you) but how about iPad accessories. We always see the next Apple item blow up, so why won't the iPad

If anyone is interested in helping me or investing with me, please send me a PM and we can discuss ways to tackle this ever-growing market.


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29 Jan 10 04:49:05 am
How r u? give me more details, I also sell iphones. **Deleted by Mod*** i havent heard of ipad

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29 Jan 10 09:41:24 am
The iPad is Apple's new tablet device due out in 60 days. It is basically a iPod touch with a 10 inch screen and a book store added on. I would not personally buy one but I think this is going to be another huge product for Apple. Would love to get some of the action in selling accessories for it. It is not even out yet and there are already cases and stands available.

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29 Jan 10 12:13:54 pm
Yeah, not the kind of thing I would buy myself, but you just know it's going to be huge, so smart thinking trying to get in on the accessories at the moment.

As 101 said, already starting to appear and you just know that market will be saturated in absolutely no time at all. By the time that little puppy hits the market, ebay will be flooded with accessories, so move quick guys.

Mark (fudjj)

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11 Feb 10 01:15:47 am
I have a ipad registered domain name. Link hidden: Login to view, where can I sell my doamin name. Where do you find ipad accessories in wholesale and drop shipment.


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11 Feb 10 02:06:52 am
Hi raraz,

There are essentially two main ways to sell a domain name: you can find a buyer yourself, or you can use a domain name broker - site or service that assists you in finding a buyer for your domain name. Oftentimes the company where you bought your domain can assist you in selling it as well.

So far there are no official just yet but be vigilant these Apple iPad accessories might sell like hot potatoes.



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11 Feb 10 02:14:10 am
FUDJJ SAID IT ALL , SATURATED!!!! IM still amazed as to how ebay sellers try to compete in an impossible enviorment!


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