Are all items in overstock pallets new or used?

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10 Aug 09 02:22:33 pm
I've been assuming that if I purchase a pallet that contains 'First Quality, overstock items,' that these are new items, and the pallet should not contain any used or customer returns, correct?

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10 Aug 09 10:10:08 pm
So long as you are buying from a reliable liquidator you shouldn't be getting any customer returns among an AI stock load, however even a New Overstock load can have a damage rate.

The problem is that these clothes are being handled quite a bit, and when they are being sold off for surplus by the retailer/manufacturer, lets just say that they are always handled with care.

I sold a sample lot of 50 units to a client one time and received a complaint that the clothes weren't folded, and they would all have to be ironed now, and of course they wanted X dollars of the price for the extra workload of ironing them!

You are talking about liquidated stock, not something that you are buying of a store shelf, so you always need to keep your expectations at the correct level.

I sell a DKNY item of clothing for around $21.00 at a surplus price, that same garment retails in the department store where it was sourced from at around $180.00

If you are buying that at $180.00 then you should be expecting it to play jingle bells, or at least be neat and complete. If you are buying it at liquidation for $21.00, you shouldn't be surprised if it doesn't come with any sound track at all..............

New Overstocks for the most part will be clean, although not folded lol. You may well find that a button or two are loose or missing from all the handling and so on, including a few tags that have been torn off.

You may also find the odd garment that has a marking on it, now that shouldn't happen, but it can through the way the clothing has been handled. Having said that, those situations should be at a minimum, I always suggest allowing around 5% of stock to have minor damaging or some markings.

On the savings you will make with surplus pricing, you have plenty of potential to end up a long way in front even with a small percentage of stock not being 100%

It really can vary between suppliers, so always clarify what the load is before you hand over the cash, and if they aren't that helpful in providing the answers you are looking for, then you should be considering dealing with a company that will.

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