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11 Mar 12 11:18:32 am
Hi guys, i am just wondering if anyone out there knows of any inventory/accounting type software that i could use for my particular needs.

Basically im buying bundles of different second hand products on ebay then splitting them all up individually and selling them.
So say iv spent $100 on a particular group of products (not all the same item), is there any inventory type software that i could enter this purchase in and then have an sub inventory listed within that product for the individual items i will be selling. Once a single item is sold i can then enter the price i received for it which will then add to the initial purchase, ultimately leading to all items being sold and revealing how much profit/loss i made on the initial purchase.

I would imagine a similar type system might be implemented somewhere like a pawn shop? For example say they purchased a gaming console with 10 games and few controllers of somebody, they wouldn't value each individual item on the spot they would just guess how much they might make and then set a total price on the entire group of items. Enter this in their system and then eventually once they had sold everything they can work out what they made.

Im currently getting by just using excel as i can't seem to find a program that would make this easier for me. But it's not the most ideal method for me.

Hope i have made it clear what im on about, if anyone has any suggestions that would be great.

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12 Mar 12 05:22:03 am
Hi and welcome to SaleHoo, slacky741 :)

I haven't really used any software of the type but I recalled this post with a few recommendations - Link hidden: Login to view

Hopefully one of them has the functions you need for your eBay business.

Hope this helps :)


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12 Mar 12 06:51:21 am
Thank you, i'll check them out :)


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