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7 Apr 17 10:09:17 pm
Hi I have a question about purchasing product from a company. I've found a local company I'd like to purchase some light bulk from but they've asked me for my business info. I don't have a registered business name or anything like that yet since I've only been dropshipping/selling the odd thing here and there to get into the eCommerce business and I fully operate from home. What info should I provide? Basic name, address my phone number ect? Or are they more looking for GST number? I'm located in Canada BC if anyone has some input that'd be greatly appreciated.



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7 Apr 17 10:31:19 pm
Hi Paul and welcome to the forum,

Since you are buying in light bulk, that is going to be considered a wholesale deal, not drop-sopping of course. With wholesale, no matter if it's small or large volume, they are usually going to want you to prove that you are in fact a registered business before allowing you an account.

Of course you can check with them directly in regards to what info they want, but I've never seen a wholesale supplier sell to any unregistered business before, at least not at a true wholesale price. So my guess is that you'll have to take that next step of registering as a business if you want to move into the wholesale marketplace to trade.


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