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1 Apr 13 03:50:30 am
hello I'm from mexico and that I'm new to this forum just writing this to see if I can help sell on ebay ... and I also I can help sell them in Mexico and throughout Latin America ... I also see that there are a lot of Latin countries .. also you would ask your advice on this online sales ...

greetings and thanks ...

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1 Apr 13 04:43:04 am
Hi kike1390,

Welcome to SaleHoo! SaleHoo is available worldwide and we have thousands of members based outside the US. Approximately 75% of our suppliers ship worldwide and the best deals are often found outside the US in countries such as China, Hong Kong and the UK.

SaleHoo provides substantial training resources on topics such as product sourcing, importing and what types of products to sell. Please check out Link hidden: Login to view

Also, do not forget to download our highly detailed PDF guides at Link hidden: Login to view We also publish weekly blog posts with sourcing and selling tips and our community is a great place to get specific help with things you aren't sure about. :)

Let us know what specific areas you need help with and we will do our best to assist you.


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1 Apr 13 09:54:29 pm
Hi kike, welcome to SaleHoo.

Irene has given you some valuable links there that will give you some great advice on how to get started. Of course if you have any specific questions on anything, just drop a post on the forum and we'll be happy to assist.


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3 Apr 13 04:02:34 am
thanks for the welcome and the tips ... but unfortunately I do not speak English and understand everything that is using google translator ...

I wonder if I could connect with people who speak Spanish or can give me some tips on how to sell on ebay ... I wonder also if there are more people like me who can not speak English ...

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3 Apr 13 11:06:45 pm
Hello kike1390,

We actually have a whole section in our guides about ebay selling - Link hidden: Login to view so if you haven't gotten around to read these please do so :)

Yes we do h ave a number of members who are not native English speakers or do not really speak English primarily. You can meet some of them in this post - Link hidden: Login to view

Hope this helps!


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