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23 Apr 07 12:13:09 pm
Hi guys,

I'm a new born seller....well i didn't sell anything yet but i wanna have a fair go at it. My issue here is where should i start buying from?
China seems to be leading the market at present moment and to be honest their prices are very inviting and i don't c how u can loose buying from them. why are u guys buying from wholesalers on eBay when you can buy from China or Thailand or even Vietnam.
If anyone can help me with the pros and cons of buying from China would be fantastic.

All the best
ps:sorry about the spelling :)

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23 Apr 07 10:09:39 pm
China sells alot of fakes, can get tied up at customs, and you can also get ripped off very easy.

If you do get items from china, only pay with Paypal and never pay wire transfer.
That's my 2 cents.

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23 Apr 07 11:20:26 pm
Try Vietnam first. They lose a lot of business due to China. They might be willing to make a deal. Than again be very careful... Don't get ripped off ok. There r scammers all around

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24 Apr 07 01:08:19 pm
China is the worst to deal with, never get to hyped up at so many low priced items, such as the prices of those high profile. Most photos usually appear more than once and some companies work together to form one big scam, such as the ps3 scam in putian and fujian china. Some even go far by getting someone elses tracking numbers or giving you a special so called site to track an item, most wont accept escrow as they claim its not company policy, most do western union, some may be true users however most and 99% are scams, another tip is never deal with indonesia or india as most are scams, espically high profile items, such as the playstation 3. The best suppliers so far for me are those who send me samples first, usually with items that arent high profile, however the best ever is mk, i cannot wait for my delivery coming soon!

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24 Apr 07 03:24:33 pm
Be careful of fakes as you must contact the seller first to be sure the real items are actually authentic.

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29 Apr 07 03:28:50 am
Well generally most things in China are fake unless they are Chinese branded. I have lived in China for many years and have done a lot of business there. Like the pother person was asying about Putian, almost everything is fake. Putian and Fujian are the same thing. Actually Putian is a city within the Fujian province located a few hours from Guangzhou. Anyways, unless you want to buy fake goods to sell then China really isn't your place. Unless you want to manufacturer your own branded goods or buy OEM products like disposable media and other suchs products.

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29 Apr 07 03:50:44 am
There are althogh many sellers in china that sell legit branded products. That are manufacturered in china. But they are hard to find. And not dirt cheap but they are cheaper then retail in the US.

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19 May 07 01:48:40 pm
I have puchased items from China and was very shocked to discover that to get them to Australia - the airmail charge was HUGE. I find it frustrating also because, although the clothing I puchased was authentic, they were factory seconds, which wasn't stated in the description.
I suggest purchasing a couple of things first from buyers on ebay located in China (that's what I've done). Or go to Ebay china and speak direct to some buyers and see if they are willing to ship to Aus and how much would it cost you before purchasing. You can see what their feedback is then first and perhaps purchase just in small lost first (2 or 3 items) and see how you go.
Good luck


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