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19 Jul 07 02:29:45 pm
A lot of times I read these threads on video games and the advice is often 'buy in bulk'. And forgive me if this is a dumb question, but when we buy wholesale arent we suppose to buy in bulk? Or is buying in bulk an option to get the single unit cheaper? Like a single unit is 52.99 but in bulk each unit is 45.00(Just an example, not sure if accurate).

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19 Jul 07 09:06:53 pm
Just keep this in mind, the larger quanity you buy the cheaper it should be.

Normally 'buying in bulk', you could be buying as small as a pallet load or as large as a shipping container. The larger amount that you buy will normally lower the 'per unit' cost. For instant, if you bought a pallet load for $100. and it had 10 units on it, your cost 'per unit' would be $10. But if you bought a container for $1000. and it had 200 units in it, your cost 'per unit' would only be $5., thus allowing you to sell cheaper than your competition and/or increasing your profit ratio..

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19 Jul 07 09:12:46 pm
Also - we often emphasize the need to buy in bulk simply because a lot of people believe that they can be competitive and make a lot of money on eBay just by buying 5-10 units at a time.


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