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5 Apr 07 11:39:01 am

I am a very new member, just signed up to Salehoo yesterday. I'm hoping to set up a business selling stuff on ebay as well as through a website, however I'm really very new at this and I don't know what exactly I'm going to sell yet.

I've noticed from browsing through the forum that there are many aussies among us and a few South Australians. I would like to meet other Sth Aussies who are new to the game like me as well as seasoned sellers. Hopefully we can help each other out by, at the very least, shareing knowledge but also possibly buying bulk together to increase our buying power or perhaps even some kind of partnership.

If theres one thing that I've learnt surfing the posts its that shipping to Australia can be nonexistent or very expensive, so combing on shipping to decrease the cost as well as increasing bargaining power would be very beneficial.

I've seen other similar posts to this one, one calling all aussies together (there were a lot of them), one calling for just people in Melbourne- I'm not sure if anything came of these ideas? Such ideas as the bulk shipping would be easier to organise for people all in one place as we can actually meet in person to discuss (I'd be happy to meet up with other like minded sellers in the city sometime).

If you are interested in getting together and pooling resources then email me: Link hidden: Login to view or you could add me to msn.


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