Wholesale & eBay Forum General Selling Advice & Tips Can anyone help me to get started with my online business?

Can anyone help me to get started with my online business?

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6 Jun 10 01:26:07 am
Can anyone help me to get started.

I am starting with minimal finance but I find that most wholesalers / Importers listed here insist on high MOQs, like 1000 or 2000 pieces. They refuse to do any business outside of these guidelines.
When I try the dropshipping option the cost of postage/freight puts the price right out of the window.
\Can anyone please lead me in the right direction.

Many Thanks

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6 Jun 10 03:52:36 am
Hi GB,

A few avenues you could explore with your budget, liquidations is the first. You can source all different sized surplus stock loads, everything from inexpensive cartons right through to complete truckloads.

Number two would be the second hand market. If you have a good eye for a product and the ability to talk a good deal, then places like your average weekend garage (yard) sale can be a fantastic place to pick up eBay stock.

I'm constantly amazed at what 50 dollars can buy at these types of sales, so don't think it's just garbage, it's far from it for the most part. The third option would be to talk to the wholesale supplier, explain your limited funds, but your seriousness in developing a working relationship with the supplier.

I'm sure you will find some will be flexible once they know you are a serious customer. You may well find that they will supply you still, but at a slightly increased price if the order volume isn't there. Then again you may just find that some will work on their original MOQ price, but drop the volume to get you on board, and so they should, because developing new business is what wholesale suppliers are all about.

Mark (fudjj)

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7 Jun 10 12:27:46 am
Hi GaryB,

Welcome to SaleHoo :)

What products are you interested in? We would like to help you with your search for suitable suppliers.

Most manufactures and wholesalers do require MOQ's but not all and especially not when you buy through dropshippers. For most sellers with limited finances or those that are just starting out - dropshipping would be more ideal as there is no need to actually stock the items plus most if not all dropshippers will not have any MOQ's at all.



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7 Jun 10 08:25:20 am
where are you located?

what in your mind do you want to sell?

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9 Jun 10 01:53:23 am
Hi - Thanks everyone for your replies so far.

We are situated in Australia and have an interest in selling Womens and Mens toiletries, perfume etc.
We have looked into Fragrance.net and One Scent in Australia but their shipping cost really knocks the viability down.

Anymore help would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks

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9 Jun 10 02:11:13 pm
Hi GaryB,

I tried gathering Australia based suppliers for the products you prefer. May you find one that suits your requirement. =)

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Link hidden: Login to view (liquidators)

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If you get the chance to use any of the suppliers in the list, we request that you leave a review in the supplier profile page so the community can benefit from your experience. =)

All the best!


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5 Jul 10 03:22:16 pm
Not all the suppliers have 1000 or 2000 MOQ, some ones have no MOQ, but the prices may a little higher than those.

Although a little more expensive, it can reduce your risks.

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