Wholesale & eBay Forum General Selling Advice & Tips can anyone please review our site wonderfulsales.com?

can anyone please review our site wonderfulsales.com?

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2 Nov 09 08:01:15 am
can anyone give some feedback of our official site, please?
good and bad feedbacks, please

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2 Nov 09 08:58:38 am
Hi Zhenda,

The site looks great! I found it easy to navigate and was easy to understand also. I did think the prices seemed a bit high though? Are they the prices you charge dropshippers also? I'm guessing that at those prices they must be genuine products and not copies?


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2 Nov 09 11:05:12 am
thank you for your commons, the piece we charge are very very low for customers, because it is wholesale, we also can offer drop shipping.

please worry, they all are genuine, we dont sell copies items.

have a nice day

God bless you!

For any futher inquiry please contact me on 852 90643142

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2 Nov 09 05:41:42 pm
Good job!! Easy to navigate. In my opinion, the black background is to rough. I don't know about anyone else, but I personally do not like the black background. But other than that, I think that it looks great. Good luck!!

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24 Nov 09 02:55:54 pm
I realize you are new, only 3 months, but there are a few things that worry me right off the bat...

* No info in the about us area.
* Contact us is only an email (no phone or address)
* This comment from your FAQ page
'6) Do I need to pay VAT/ Custom
No, all items we send will state as gift to customers, even when in large quantities order we may send in many small packages and to keep your price low as possible.'

For any potential buyer, they will want to be comfortable with your company and will need to be convinced you are trustworthy. The above raises questions.

Good luck to your new company.

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8 Dec 09 02:15:50 pm
I can now officially review your site after recent transactions.

Short: I lost about $100 from two purchases through this place. NO DROPSHIPPING!

Long: The website was easy to navigate, though somewhat excessive clicking to get where you want to go. I notified them that they are describing the Wii console under the Playstation 3 console, they have yet to correct it. The site offers price listing in several currencies, including USD. On the DS Consoles, they stated clearly on the website that one free game of choice is included with the purchase of the DS system. I forwarded this promotion to my customers as an enticement. It worked. I received two orders.

This is where it goes downhill. The price for the DS system, according to the website, was $127 retail, $107 wholesale. I was charged $131. The customer requested Chrono Trigger to be included as the free game of choice; again, as clearly stated on the website. Yes, I also contacted them on everything to make sure they were in stock as well before putting the order in. Upon checkout, this is where you fill out stating that it was to be dropshipped and provide the address to where you want it to be shipped. Two weeks later, they finally contacted me to inform me that the item was being shipped, and that they included to attachments, a photo of the item already packaged, and a copy of the customs sheet. The address on the package was MY address, not were my customer is! So, now I have to spend the profit money to ship it to the customer. The kicker: NO GAME WAS WITH IT! So, to satisfy my customer, I have to go out and find another source that offers the game, pay full price on it -- out of my pocket mind you, and ship that off to the customer.

DS purchase number two: Reread last paragraphs. It's roughly the same, only a couple of differences. The price was $127 retail, $107 wholesale, only this time I was charged $130. THREE weeks later, I get a notification that it's been shipped, and also included a picture of the item packaged, and a copy of the customs. Once again, it was shipped to me, so lost my profit to ship it to the customer. As usual, NO GAME. So much for that promotional effort.

I lost too much money on them twice, IN A ROW. I find this unacceptable, and will be dropping them off my list. If stars were to be given, Negative 5 stars all around. I am fortunate enough to have understanding customers, especially when I informed them that I am having too many issues with this particular vendor and that they are being dropped, and looking for another vendor that is at least more reliable than this one.

If I were you, I'd avoid them.

If only Mountainview offered the same or similar lineup on the DS games, I'll give them a shot next round, if I get any sales that they have.



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