Can I put my shipping location from US instead of Turkey?

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28 Sep 12 02:36:50 pm
Hello Community,

I'm new to SaleHoo and have about 6 hours reading and learning the program - policy behind me.

But there is still a question, maybe you can help me out!

I'm from Turkey and plan to use Amazon and eBay as my main auction sites.
I was living a long time (more then the half of my life) in Germany and I can speak the language perfectly.(More options to support Costumer's)
Is there a way that my shipping place didn't stay in Turkey?
I mean when I have a supplier in the US and I have a buyer on my item also from U. I don't like that the shipment states ''From Turkey''.
So this is maybe a point where the buyer can say
''mh .. item place is in Turkey, lets look for someone who sell it from the US to avoid the shipping costs''

Sorry for my bad English :P

Ä° hope to get help by my problem
read you soon ...

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1 Oct 12 06:13:10 am
Hi Gemimbuyuk,

Welcome to SaleHoo :)

You should be able to add or set that in your listing (on eBay). An option is available for you to say your products' place of origin or your products' location.

Hope this helps!


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