Can I sell within US while living in Queensland, Australia?

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26 Dec 10 11:08:16 am
Hi all....hope you had an amazing xmas. I'm new here joined a day or 2 ago an am in information meltdown. I need to find some good dropshippers for australia. My question is......would I be better off opening a US based ebay account and dropshipping just within the states or keep it closer to home and find a dropshipper for australia? Can I even do the above....ahh I hate being a Newbie!

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26 Dec 10 02:21:17 pm
I wouldn't dropship in America as your based in Australia so if any issues arise your going to run into a big mess of things. What products are you interested in selling as dropshipping only offers marginal profit gains depending on who your buying your stock off.

Cheers Brenton

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27 Dec 10 10:29:13 pm
Still looking around for the right product....thinking baby goods or glow products you know like glow in the dark bands, ice cubes,balls ect. Or pandora beads. The reason i have picked dropshipping is because I work full time need to get my feet wet in this industry and have no room to store goods at this stage unless they are small.
What would you suggest.......

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27 Dec 10 10:45:35 pm
Hi Queensland girl, Queensland boy here : )

In regards to drop shipping into the states, bcurko makes an interesting point, however you would have the same issue with where ever you drop shipped, even into Australia. It's one of the negative aspects of drop shipping, the fact that you really aren't in control of your own business destiny.

You really do need to ensure your supplier is a reliable as possible, so plenty of research is required before choosing, because it's your trading reputation you're putting on the line, and if we're talking about eBay..... then a bad drop ship supplier can take an account down extremely quickly, especially if it's a newish account.

I'm not trying to scare you away from drop shipping, in fact it's a great option for someone with your current circumstances, but just don't concentrate on products alone, choosing the right supplier is just as vital to any success.

If you have any free time on the weekends I would suggest getting out and doing some garage sales in and around the area. eBay is the perfect online market to sell those types of products you can find at garage sales, and even though most items are usually priced to sell quickly, you can do quite well if you know what to buy and can talk a good deal on price : )

It's pretty much how I got started in the business myself, and I would highly recommend it for anyone new to the market. Garage sales or yard sales, are a great supply resource and you don't need a great deal of cash to get you going... apart from that you get out and about and meet some people : )

Mark (fudjj)

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27 Dec 10 11:30:34 pm
Hi melmac,

Welcome to SaleHoo and I hope you are enjoying the holidays! :)

Good points you got from both Fudjj and Brenton. As you mentioned that you wish to get your feet wet, try the inexpensive and risk free way of selling things from around your house OR sourcing them from garage sales. :)

And here's a drop ship supplier based in Australia that has earned quite good reviews - Link hidden: Login to view
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As you go on exploring selling things online, keep the goal of having the capability to keep stock and buy wholesale, since it can give you higher chances for profits. :)



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27 Dec 10 11:59:20 pm
Thanks so much for all of your help guys......let me give you a rundown on my situation..I work full time have 2 children and really don't have much room for storage. Unless its small items.....Shipping takes time which I dont seem to have much of at the moment. I have done the garage sale thing and want to take it to the next level. i want to start off on ebay whilst I build my website to offer my products.
The question I have is where do i start? is it the supplier or product that i focus on first. Which market do I focus on US or australia? Can I dropship using a us based company into the US only eventhough I'm based in Aus and have an Aus account? See so many questions.......

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28 Dec 10 06:14:58 am
Hi Melmac,

I have 2 kids too just like you :) And I understand how challenging it is to set aside time...

Market location - It's your choice. If you feel that you have a better market in the US than Australia then go for it.

Whether you can dropship in the US by using a US based dropshipper even if you are based in Australia - Yes you can! And you should have not trouble with postage as the products will be delivered directly from the dropshipper to your customers.

Which should go first product or supplier? Usually it would be the product. Decide on a product you want to sell. Sell something that you are interested in, something you have passion for like products for kids since you have two of your own. It is often easier to succeed in something when your heart is into it as well. Once you have decided on a product then comes the supplier - which means searching for one that is suited to your needs.

I would suggest downloading your copy of our New User Manual, I'm sure you'll find the answer to most your questions in there. To download please go to Link hidden: Login to view

Hope this helps! All the best :)


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28 Dec 10 10:31:37 pm
Hi and welcome to SaleHoo, Melmac!

A quick browse in the forums for ideas on what to sell may bring up a few related posts. You might also find our blog very useful for getting tips on what type of products to sell.

All the best!


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