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Can someone explain how Salehoo works?

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2 May 06 06:05:56 pm
i joined this thinking i sold the product first then paid for it but everything that i see looks like i need to order millions of them can someone explain?

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2 May 06 11:21:45 pm
I think what you are looking for is a dropshipper. If you do not want to spend the money on buying products and shipping them yourself you will need to find a supplier that offers dropshipping. Salehoo has dropshippers but I guess it will also depend on what your looking to sell.

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9 May 06 09:35:03 am
I'd suggest looking for a reliable dropshipper and sell individual units if you are trying to sell goods before you have them. I've seen tons of people fall flat on their face and end up bankrupt when trying to broker wholesale qty stock that they don't have.

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23 May 06 04:38:25 pm
Something else to keep in mind is that from the research I've done, dropshipping can cut considerably into profits. Sometimes its better to start out with buying some cheap product and keeping inventory to get a financial basis started. I just purchased a large quantity of body jewelry from a wholesaler this morning for $0.13 per piece including shipping. I can turn around and sell those for at least $2-3 each offline (I know a lot of teens with body piercings), and maybe a dollar each online. That's not a bad return, and it only cost me around $100 to do it. I purchased 825 pieces... so if on average, each sells for one dollar.... I could make $825 on my $100 investment. (I'm averaging my offline and online sales there).

Little things like this are important to remember. In order to make money, you usually have to spend a little first.

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24 May 06 05:30:51 pm
The Above person speaks the truth!
But you are looking defently for a droppshiper in your case but just start out slowly, and stack yo money up!
then when you have alot of money for investments, go big, and bigger

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