Caribbean People!

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5 Jan 08 01:41:13 pm
Any Caribbean people in here? I am originally from the Caribbean, Trinidad to be exact, and I was just wondering how many of my people are taking advantage of the wonderful opportunity that is SALEHOO. Just to let you know, you are not alone and if you need any help, advice etc, from a caribbean prospective, you cam IM me anytime.

I am an Ebay PowerSeller and I can truly tell you that most of my knowledge came from reading posts in the forum. Trust me when I say, the knowledge you gain in the forum is invaluable. So, for those of you thinking twice, hold strain. $50 is nothing compared to what you could learn at Salehoo University.

Hope to hear from my people. :D

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6 Jan 08 05:44:08 am
I am from the Caribbean (Guyana) too and I should say many thanks for the carib invitation to communicate with you. I started salehoo in 2006 but but was not paying attention. I'm here in full now and looking forward to working with you and all other members.

Thank You
Greg(US) & Julie(London)

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6 Jan 08 01:11:31 pm
Hi. I'm from The Bahamas. I joined Salehoo a few months ago. I havent started selling yet as I am still trying to research and gain as much knowledge as I can. I have purchased alot of wholesale lists etc. but Salehoo has been the best investment I made thus far. I hope to become a Powerseller too.. one day. Smile. Any advice you can share would be appreciated. Thanks.

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6 Jan 08 03:52:47 pm
Yuh don't say!

Glad to know that I'm not the only one representing. The first bit of advice I can give is 'perseverance'. As you can see, I am a member since July 2006 but I really didn't starting using Salehoo to my advantage until June 2007. That was when I decided if 'they' could do it, so can I. So, I became an avid reader in the forum and gain some invaluable knowledge.

Like most people who aspire to do well in ecommerce, I was baffled with the idea of what to sell and where to get it. Well I still am. It is what drives me in this never-ending search for the next great deal, and, to be truthful I love it. I love the fire and desire of the hunt. Call it what you may. We are HUSTLERS! INTERNET HUSTLERS. If you sit back it would not come to you. You have to go get it. I work from the luxury of my home after years on menial jobs here and there. I am not saying that I am living the lifestyle of the rich and famous, nor do I suggest that you do the same. I am just saying that setting goals and striving to achieve them is the essence of life.

Any advice you may need, please feel free in IM me anytime. It may not be a blueprint for success, but from what I or other knowledgeable members in the forum might offer, you sure can learn a lot. Looking forward to hearing from you all.

Allan :D

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10 Jan 08 03:12:35 pm
I just got on board and and I'm from the USVI. Thanks for the reach out because I have a lot of questions for you.

First one is: where do I find a good freight forwarder to the Caribbean from Ca and Tx?

More to come so I will pm you.

Thanks for the help again.

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5 Jul 11 03:59:09 am
Trini to the bone here.....Not doing so good maybe you can offer a lil advice

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10 Jul 11 01:44:48 am
Hello guys,

Another Trini here on board the salehoo train. I joined in 2010, but just as some of you have not been paying much attention. Will normally peep in now and again, as I am quite busy with the day job and the small business at the side.

As for making use of an online business, I haven't crossed that bridge as yet. I hope to get online soon. Before joining saleoo, I was already trading brand name store stock and customer return merchandise from two top usa dept stores.

Feel free to send me a PM so we can exchange info on what we buy and sell.

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10 Jul 11 11:26:54 pm
@Mascall: Welcome to SaleHoo, nice to have you with us! Looks like we have a growing Carribean community :)

@Caritrade: Thanks for popping in and offering to help out our other members from the Carribean, that's really nice of you :)



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